What Would You Do?

Everybody multi-tasks to save time.


  • Vacuum while clothes are in the washing machine
  • Wash dishes while the cake is baking
  • Chop vegetables while water is boiling

These are things that are safe to do at the same time. But as I learned the hard way, there are some tasks that should never, ever, under any circumstances be done simultaneously. Please pay close attention and learn from the following story.

As I was putting away groceries one afternoon, I noticed sounds were becoming dim in one ear. I didn’t stop to change my hearing aid battery right then because I was running late for an appointment. After the food was put away, I ran to the master bedroom and on the way to the bathroom, grabbed a packet of hearing aid batteries off the dresser.

While sitting on the porcelain throne, I effortlessly removed the old battery and replaced it with a fresh one. Snapping the battery compartment door shut, I lost my grip on the slick, hard surface of the hearing aid. I watched, mouth agape, as it tumbled soundlessly into the pale amber liquid.

An air bubble floated to the surface. Seconds remained before the complex electronic circuitry of my beloved “ear” would be destroyed.  I plunged my bare hand into the bowl and snatched the tiny instrument from the treacherous waters. A quick rinse in clear water, a few minutes with a hair dryer, and a prayer vigil resuscitated the precious giver of sound. It continued to provide years of selfless service after this near-death experience, and its final demise was celebrated with a respectable burial.

Nothing comes between me and my hearing aids. Nothing.


  1. Abbie Said:

    I have discovered that I have to make sure that my bladder is empty prior to reading your blog. You are just full of hilarious, bladder testing, belly laughing stories.

  2. Laurie in TN Said:


    I found your blog from Abbie’s. . . sorry to hear about your hearing aid! I flushed mine down the toilet once when I was a toddler because I hated it. . . I’m sure my parents were not happy with me!

    Do you have a Dry And Store unit for drying out your hearing aids? I got my cell phone wet once and dried it out with my Dry And Store. I put my CI’s in it every night.

    Looking forward to reading more about you! May I add your link to my blog?

  3. Hoh Said:

    Hi Laurie,

    Certainly you may add my blog to your blogroll! Thanks so much for doing that!

    Years ago, I had a dri-aid kit (nothing like the Dry and Store units). I recently asked my audiologist if I should purchase something similar, and she was neutral about it – and I live in humid Florida.

    Once in a great while I use compressed air to blow out the hearing aid tubes – something I know could be prevented with a Dry and Store unit. I might get one in the future!

    May I add you to my blogroll?


  4. Karen Putz Said:

    Reminds me of the time the hubby flung his hearing aid overboard accidently. It took us a while to find it in the lake– but find it we did! Still works!

  5. Rob G. Said:


    Another one of those “dropped my hearing aid in the toilet” stories. I knew I wasn’t alone. That particular aid needed repair, unfortunately. The other one followed it in for repair as well due to a defect in both. I went without them for 3 weeks, spending part of that time on vacation with family.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Keep on smiling!

    Karen, that hubby of yours was very lucky… I almost never went boating with my hearing aids on.

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