Made for Each Other

I sit quietly at my desk in the Local Government Building. Customers are behaving themselves, and all is peaceful, when the door opens and The Dreaded Customer walks in the door. He’s never rude, never impolite, but I cringe inwardly the second he appears. Why? He’s the bane of my existence; every word he speaks looks EXACTLY the same. He simply repeats it endlessly. “Don’t look at his lips, don’t look at his lips,” I chant in my mind as he saunters up to my desk.

Me: Hi, may I help you?

Dreaded Customer: Bub-bub-bub-bub-bub-bub-bub-bub. Bub-bub-bub-bub?

Me: (Totally clueless look on my face) Excuse me?

Dreaded Customer: Bub-bub-bub-bub-bub-bub-bub-bub. Bub-bub-bub-bub?

Me: What kind of information do you need?

He gestures wildly, and speaks louder. Beads of perspiration form on my forehead. With intense effort, I manage to decode his nonsensical word formations and he leaves quickly. My sense of relief vanishes rapidly, however, as my gaze falls upon the next person to enter the Local Government Building. This is unbelievable! It can’t be! Not two in a row!

Now it’s time for an encounter with Miss Thith-thith-thith-thith-thith.


  1. funnyoldlife Said:

    Thank you, you brightened up my day! I meet a LOT of people like this!
    I think our best weapon is a sense of humour and the knowledge that tomorrow is another day.

  2. Hoh Said:

    I agree with you completely – we’ve got to find humor in our every day situations.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. quixoticdeaf Said:

    Hi Cindy,

    I’m glad you found my blog! I’m just kind of starting up on it and still navigating and learning about WordPress, which is why I didn’t make a comment on your blog until now. I ran into trouble yesterday because a lot of the widgets stopped working on WordPress (not just on mine). I think that might explain the lack of tags. Or maybe you were talking about something else? But I believe I now have a hang on the technicality part now, so I’m good to go.

    I forget how I found your blog, but I think I spent a hour reading your blog and laughing on Thursday. I share a lot of those experiences and the ones I don’t share, I can definitely understand them. I think my favorite is when you talk about your son: “Super Hearing Boy”! And of course, you can’t beat “Don’t taser me!” GRIN.

    Keep them coming. I plan to share some of my own stories!

  4. Kim Said:

    I came across a kit in the library last week. “How to talk like an American” Out of curiosity I flipped through the pages. I’ve always wondered what people from other countries thought Americans sounded like. “Remember,” it said, “Americans barely move their lips when they speak. Most of your sounds will be made in the throat.”

    Next it went on to talk about American jazz and its influence on our language. Suggested practice was to say the sentence ‘Betty bit a bite o’butter,’ without moving your lips much. Reminds me of your Bub, bub, bub patron. hahaha! I get a lot of these, and patrons with accents too. At least my job is a little more predictable and visual than yours. I couldn’t stand having to answer random questions all day.

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