The Lawnmower Man

It’s confession time!

The Local Government Building I write about in my posts is a Public Library. That’s right, I’m a Librarian and a musician with hearing loss. I work the Information Desk at the Library, and also provide programming for children of all ages. I’m currently working in an inner city Library where off-duty Sheriff’s Deputies provide “guard” services to ensure the safety of Library staff and Library customers. Now that I’ve revealed my secret, you can expect more candid blogging from me, starting with this little story that happened while I was at lunch:

Yesterday, a gentleman brought his lawnmower to the Local Government Building Library. Not a riding mower, but a “stand behind it and push” model. He propped it up against the glass entrance doors to watch it while surfing the ‘Net. This caused quite a stir with the Library staff, and the Senior Librarian immediately confronted him.

Senior Librarian: Sir, you need to move your lawnmower.

Gentleman: Why? It’s not in anyone’s way.

Senior Librarian: You can’t leave it there.

Gentleman: It isn’t blocking the doors!

Senior Librarian: Sir, please move the lawnmower.

The gentleman sighs deeply and moves the lawnmower a few feet, propping it next to the bookdrop. At this point, our trusty Deputy steps in and goes face to face with the lawnmower man:

Deputy: You can’t keep your lawnmower there. Move it off Library property.

Gentleman: This is ridiculous! There are bikes in front of the Library! Why can’t I have my lawnmower here?

Deputy: The bikes are in the bike rack. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lawnmower rack.

And you can’t park your jet ski, go-kart, boat, horse, donkey, or cow in front of the Library, either. Just so you know.


  1. Deborah Morgan Said:

    I was also a hard of hearing worker at a public library in a small town. It was a challenge helping the patrons (especially children) and dechiphering what they were asking. I really loved my job.

    I was also dealing with a small minded branch manager who was always annoyed with having to repeat herself to me. She was always asking me if I needed new hearing aids and what was I going to do about it. I could not get her to understand that hearing aids do not cure a hearing loss. I was born with the loss and nothing would change. Finally after nine years I quit my job and now groom dogs at a kennel.

    I appreciate your sense of humor and your blog makes me laugh at my own issues.


  2. Hoh Said:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Deborah! It definitely is a challenge working in a Library and having a hearing loss. Sorry it didn’t work out for you in the Library. Your comment reminds me that I need to write about a certain coworker who didn’t believe I could work in this profession due to my hearing loss – but that’s another post!


  3. Michelle Said:

    Hi Cindy!! Look at all the fun I miss while I’m taking comps! Were you there at WEG when the crazy lady brought her shopping cart of food in?? That was an interesting day.

  4. Hoh Said:

    Hi Michelle!

    Yes, I was there. She had written permission from the grocery store to use the cart, if I recall correctly. It was quite a sight to watch her search for Library materials, then place them in her cart next to her food. We meet very, very interesting people at the Library, don’t we?


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  5. Kim Said:

    Libraries are happenin’ places. As you know, I work in one too. There’s always some excitement or an oddball to make my day. :-) I wish I could hear them better too. I go in for a CI eval in early Nov.

  6. Hoh Said:

    Hi Kim!

    CI Eval in November??!! You’re taking a BIG, BIG step forward! More power to you!


  7. That’s a great story. Working in a library one tends to meet all kinds of people. Thanks for sharing.

  8. bookwritegirl Said:

    wow! that’s cool there’s other deaf Librarians too…:D
    I can attest to the strangeness that happens at libraries, I’ve volunteered/worked at libraries for over 6 years now, and will get my masters in Lib Sci. So, yeah :)
    I plan to carry around notepads and a pen for those who speak in a language form other than the English we know.

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