Hearing Aids as Art?


I used paint.NET to modify this picture of my hearing aids using the “pencil sketch” effect.


  1. neath Said:

    Cool blog! My dad was hard of hearing the last 20 years of his life. He had hearing aids but never wore them, vanity to some degree I suppose. But, man, he used to have the TV on loud!

    I wish he could have accepted it like you are saying here.

  2. Hoh Said:

    Acceptance of hearing loss can be a difficult thing for many people – I created this blog to help people see that they are not alone. Many others experience the same frustrations with hearing loss, also.

    Sorry about your dad.


  3. Jennifer Said:

    I like your picture! I take the HLAA Magazine, and it has an ad for some brand or another of hearing aids…and they’re artistic, like that, only in color. Very cool!! I love the new tiny colored hearing aids…if I could still wear them I’d have one!
    I love your blog…I have added you to my Google reader, and would love to add you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind?

  4. Hoh Said:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Certainly you may add me to your blogroll! And I’ll reciprocate, if you don’t mind!


  5. Michelle Said:

    Is there a way to make that a bit clearer? I can barely see it on my computer screen. Thanks!
    ps: comps went well, just keep your fingers crossed!

  6. Hoh Said:


    I’m sure you did just fine on the Comps (for those of you who don’t know, that’s a comprehensive essay examination future librarians must pass to graduate)!

    Can’t wait until you and Rick come back to work – it’s been tough without you!


  7. Kim Said:

    I love this! Your hearing aids look like the standard BTE’s. What color are they? Mine are (ugh!) beige. The only difference between ours that I can see other than probably make and model and minor shape variance is I have a completely filled earmold. It’s a softer material and kind of a pinkish white. I used to have a hard material with the largish holes, but got too much feedback.

  8. Hoh Said:

    Mine are also beige. Next set will probably be PURPLE!!! WITH GLITTER!!

  9. Bev Said:

    For Kim or others who have trouble getting earmolds that do not have feedback, check out the new Starkey Destiny aids. FANTASTIC and NO FEEDBACK, and I’ve tried many kinds of ear molds due to allergies and wearing hearing aids for 30 years!

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