My Audiogram


This is my most recent audiogram. There’s no date on it, but I believe it was done last year, in 2006.




Now you know my first name is really Cynthia.


  1. Jennifer Said:

    A true ski-slope audiogram! I haven’t seen one of those before! Mine isn’t that pretty…it’s flat across at the bottom in my right ear, and we haven’t done a good reading with the new CI yet… waiting until it gets a little better first! :) I love looking at audiograms…will have to post mine sometime :)

  2. Hoh Said:

    I need to ask my audiologist why there are two lines for each ear – wondering if it was because there were two different results??? Every time my hearing is tested, the beeping makes my tinnitus worse, and I can’t tell if I’m hearing the test or my tinnitus.


  3. Hi Cindy,
    Did you see I posted mine from 2006 also? Looking at the audiograms really helps me understand where we’re at. Thanks for sharing yours. How often do you get your hearing tested? I am going for an exam in 2 weeks.

  4. Hoh Said:

    Normally I get my hearing tested when it’s time for a new set of hearing aids (every five years or so), or if I think there’s been a change in my hearing.


  5. Abbie Said:

    I’m clapping my hands like a ninny now! I love audiograms!! They are so much fun to look at! You truly have in every sense of the word, a ski slope loss. I’m flat for the most part. Although that is the only thing I can say i’m flat with….

  6. Hoh Said:

    I’m so happy YOU’RE happy, Abbie! Read it all you want!

    I know I’m very fortunate in that my word comprehension scores are relatively high; but as you know, that test was done in a perfect environment (quiet), and my audiologist does not have a lisp or accent of any kind.


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