Cute Joke

Thought some of you might like this joke taken from this Website:

Helen and I laughed when John, a neighbor, told us how his hearing aid occasionally emits a high-pitched squeal that can be heard by anyone near him. His granddaughter was sitting on his lap one day when the device started to beep.

Surprised, little Lorraine looked up at him and said, “Oh, Grampa, you’ve got e-mail!”



  1. Sarah Said:

    I like this one:
    The Lost Hearing Aid
    adapted from a bhNEWS post.
    Wife: “George, why do you have a suppository in your ear?”

    Husband: “What!, Speak up!, I haven’t been able to find my hearing aid all morning.”

    Wife: “I think I know where you should look next, Honey.”

    From website Beyond Hearing HOH Humor

  2. Hoh Said:

    Good one!


  3. $columns[1] Said:


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