Librarian = Detective

The elderly gentleman wore a white Guayabera, a man’s shirt popular in Latin and Asian countries, and walked briskly towards me at the Reference Desk. I have to admit, from past experiences, because of the way he was dressed AND his age, I prepared myself to focus on a heavy Spanish accent (Before I get any hate mail, my grandfather wore Guayaberas, and he was from a Latin American country). But nothing could prepare me for what I heard. The first sounds out of his mouth weren’t English or Spanish. They weren’t even Spanglish.

Elderly gentleman (in a loud voice): “Chair Lee Ho. D-B-D. Chair Lee Ho.”

Me: You want a DVD?

Elderly gentleman: (nods head excitedly) “Chair Lee Ho!”

I glance at my normal hearing coworker and he shrugs his shoulders, indicating he has no clue what the man is saying, either.

Me: (handing the gentleman a paper and pen) “I’m not quite getting the title. Can you write that down for me?”

Elderly gentleman: (looking offended) “Chair Lee Ho! Okay, I write!” He writes down the printed version of “Chair Lee Ho,” triumphantly hands the paper to me with a big smile, and once again says, “Chair Lee Ho!”

Me: (trying not to laugh) You want a Sherlock Holmes DVD?”

Elderly gentleman: (grinning from ear to ear) “Yes! Chair Lee Ho! Chair Lee Ho!”

Sometimes you have to be Sherlock Holmes just to understand people in the Library!


  1. Jennifer Said:

    Wow!! I would have NEVER figured that one out!! I’m amazed at your sleuthing skills!!!!

  2. Sarah Said:

    Ha! I was guessing “cheerleader” DVD like “Bring it on” or something. Luckily he didn’t try phoning in his request!

  3. kim Said:

    I’m still trying to figure out what a guayabera is. I’ve never heard this term. Glad you figured out what he wanted and also knew what he was wearing.

    PS– Do people actually send you ‘hate mail.’ ??

    Love ya, Kim :-)

  4. Mic Said:

    That’s still better than when I had to help him! He kept saying I was a “veey betifu wuma” (very beautiful woman). I learned to just smile and nod. And don’t forget the woman who tried to help him in spanish and she didn’t have a clue as to what he was saying!

  5. Karyn Said:

    Too funny! Jennifer, Kim, Sarah and Mic-LOL to all comments!

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