The Bold One

I could hardly believe my hearing aids when I encountered this customer recently at the Reference Desk:

Library customer:  I need to use a computer and my “liberry” card isn’t working.

Me:  Let me check your record – I’ll need your card, please.  Hmm.  It looks like you have lost book fees on your record.  Sorry, you won’t be able to use your Library card until the balance is below $10.00.

Library customer: (irate) What!  I ain’t NEVER checked out no books!  What do I need books for?  I ain’t read no books! The only thing I ever do at the “liberry” is look for jobs on the computer!

Me:  Ma’am, the titles of the books are, “How to Write Better Resumes,” and “Resumes that Knock ‘em Dead!.”

Library customer:  (with lots of neck action) Well, I ain’t payin’ for ‘em!  I’m going to ANOTHER “liberry!”

She spun around and defiantly marched out of the Library.  I wonder how many times this scenario will be repeated before she realizes all the Public Libraries in the County have access to her record?


  1. kim Said:

    hahahaha! Yeah! With that attitude it’s no small wonder she “aint got no job!” GAWD! Some people! I just love it when they’ve lost a bunch of books then tell me they won’t be doing “bidness” with the “liberry” again! They don’t get it. We don’t SELL anything. WE DON’T CARE–if they’re going to lose books, then not pay. ARRGGHH!

  2. Steve Said:

    “I could hardly believe my hearing aids”

    I laughed out loud at that.

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Jennifer Said:

    Just wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!! Hope it’s a great one filled with lots of love, laughter, and yummy food! :)

  4. Karyn Said:

    Loved it! Can we make the pronounciation “liberry” illegal PLEASE?!- I hear it all the time-Yes “hear” it and it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me!

  5. Josh Said:

    Ha! I’m a librarian too I get this kind of stuff all the time. I’m also a musician and an author – stumbled on this blog looking for some research on deaf/HOH issues. I’ve been enjoying reading your posts & thought maybe you could give a tip or two for the manuscript. It would help me see if I’m getting stuff right before we go to print. Shoot me a message if interested. (Other HOH folks on here who are into books feel free to say hello too!) –

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