Do You Really Want to Know?

Sarah of Speakup Librarian fame has tagged me, and I’m finally getting around to responding.

1) Each player must post the rules at the top.
2) Answer the questions in bold (impossible on my blog – using bold makes the text light gray)
3) Tag five people you would like to know better, go to their blogs, let them know they’ve been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

What I was doing 10 years ago:

In 1998, I was freshly divorced and pursuing my B.A. in Sociology, dragging two children with me to the University during the summer because I didn’t have the funds to pay for a babysitter. Whew! Glad that’s over!

Five Snacks I enjoy:

1. Chocolate candy bars (Hershey’s, Reese’s peanut butter cups)
2. Chocolate-covered peanuts
3. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup
4. Chocolate pie
5. Chocolate chip cookies

Hmmmm – seeing it in writing makes me see why I’ve packed on the pounds….

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Donate to different ministries in my church
2. Contribute to foundations dealing with hearing loss
3. Pay off my debt (Student loans and credit card)

Jobs I have had:

1. Cashier at McDonald’s for 6 whole weeks!
2. Medical and Dental Claims Examiner
3. Daycare worker (too much noise from the kids – painful!)
4. Front office worker for GYN
5. Librarian

Three habits:

1. Chocolate (wait, that’s a snack, right?)
2. Reading – Internet and books – so much to read, and not enough time!
3. Playing the piano

Five places I have lived:

1. Darmstadt, Germany (Yep, I’m a military brat!)
2. Bay Islands of Honduras (Mom’s hometown)
3. Panama Canal Zone
4. Stillwater, Oklahoma
5. Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri

Five people I would like to know better:

I know I’m breaking the rules, but it seems I’m the last person in the Deaf/HH blogosphere to be tagged, so any Deaf/Hard of hearing person in the blogosphere reading this that has NOT been tagged, consider yourself IT!


  1. Sarah Said:

    Hey Cindy,
    Yeah inquiring minds do want to know. *smile* I really like the ten years ago question because it shows how far we’ve come! I sure couldn’t have imagined my current life ten years ago.
    I’m glad you’re blogging again – even if it took a nudge to get this entry. Keep on blogging – we want to hear from you!

  2. Dear Cindy,

    I discovered your blog while searching for information on free hearing aids. I want to say THANK YOU for writing about your experiences as a HOH and putting information out there regarding other resources on the web. I have worn hearing aids since I was about 2 yrs old and do very well in the hearing world (as long as I am wearing my hearing aids), but over the past few years I have become more aware of things I have missed and never knew it! Currently I am in desperate need of new aids as mine are over 15 years old (no money in the past nor present for new ones).\, but these will not last much longer. I am uncertain if I qualify for any of the assistance that is out there, however I will try and God willing I will get the help I need for “new ears”.

    Again Thank you!

    Constance Clark :-)

  3. Anonymous Said:


  4. Anonymous Said:

    This is a test

  5. Melinda Said:

    I miss your posts…I hope that all is well.

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